About Me.

It feels like every single interaction we have online is optimized to ask for more & more. It’s exhausting.

We’ve lived in the attention economy for years. But now it feels like we’re in a state of attention overload.

So many of the pillars of online life have gotten more expensive, more frustrating, and care less about your time.

But if you’ve got a mission that actually improves the world around around you, you still need to get attention, get people off the phone, and inspire real world action.

Each of those next steps is powered by trust.

It has to seep into every blog you post, every product you make, every email you send to your customers, reminding them of why you’re here and why they need you.

There’s so much expanding and automating in most online spaces – a strong human touch and identity is important!

It’s like a cold shower that never wears off.

People still turn on their phones and computers… looking to be swept off their feet and become a part of something amazing.

That engages their minds:

  • As they remember where they’ve been
  • As they recognize you as the guiding hand they’ve wanted all along
  • As they anticipate where you’re going to take them next.

If your goal isn’t just to sell a book or a set of videos, and instead get your prospects started on a MISSION – building a relationship with you long term… we should talk.

In a world where people have NEVER been so jaded and cynical about their health, their financial lives, society at large… it takes an extra level of understanding to make people stop in their tracks and take interest in you.



Where I’m Most Comfortable.

I’ve done every aspect of a winning sales funnel by hand. I got started creating private label rights courses, did successful affiliate management for those courses, moved into copywriting sales letters and emails, creating video training and tutorials for small businesses, created social media, done a pretty awesome and successful podcast, run ads on Amazon, Facebook and more, and managed teams to make an impact on the real world.

When people describe the things they’d like to have in order to succeed, I’ve done those things, know how they work, and have the skill to do them.

Looking back at that journey fills me with a lot of gratitude.

It’s been a ride that’s connected me with some of the marketing world’s top innovators and achievers. My main challenge is finding time to catalog what I’m up to – which I’m getting better at every day.


I’m lucky to have been behind some great products and worked with some great writers – I beat out over a hundred other sharp-edged copywriters to work with John McIntyre, I got hired by Jason Fladlien and Rapid Crush Inc to help his bombshell Amazon FBA course, and I spent about a year helping technically overhaul Ty Cohen’s Kindle Cash Flow from a live event juggernaut to a trackable and integrated digital empire.


I’m the co-founder of Ghost Coast Video in Atlanta, helping coaches, consultants, and good causes get the “all-in” commitment. I manage a small team that can bring YouTube channels to life – or turn one book into a series of emails and sales letters. I’ve lead teams that promote books, design websites, and launch products.


Designing emails and sales letters that sing with careful research and brand building at the center. I’m a big fan of Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness – I do my best to write a package that keeps people engaged for the week, and for the long term. I also wrote a book – as we speak it’s callled The No Boss System, but maybe I’ll call it something else soon?

Bring Your Ideas & Personality To Life.

The very best information I’ve got on personal development, community organizing, and video that inspires action. Good observations with style and brevity.

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Tell me where you got started, the struggles you’re having currently, and where you’re going. I’ll give it a look and give you an idea of what you should be doing next. And it’s on the house.